Public and licensee access to the Commission office is by appointment only.

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Licensing Forms & Fee Schedule

Effective as of January 1, 2022   

Current Licensing Forms

Note that this following list does not address all licensing prerequisites and application attachment requirements. Please see the individual licensing forms for that information.


Interest Bearing Trust Account Form
Criminal Record Check Information


For information on licensing and the latest exam application, visit the Commission's Exams page.


Salesperson and Associate Broker Licensing Application
Broker and Managing Associate Broker Licensing Application
Brokerage Licensing Application
Branch Office Licensing Application 
Approved Sales Corporation Application
Out of Jurisdiction Certification Form

NOTE: Licensing applications are required to be notarized before they will be processed. Applications can be notarized by:

  • Practicing lawyers
  • Some provincial or municipal government employees, including court staff
  • Some police officers (officers, municipal chiefs of police)
  • Funeral directors
  • Commissionaires Nova Scotia
  • Officers in the Canadian Armed Forced
  • Band council members
  • Members of the Nova Scotia legislature
  • Nova Scotia Real Estate Commission office (by appointment only)

Licensing Actions

30-Day Licence Extension Application
Notice of Termination
Reinstatement of Licence


Credit Card Authorization Form


Schedule A - New Applicant
Schedule B - Licence Reinstatement (over 30 days)

Applications can be submitted by email, mail, or fax:

Nova Scotia Real Estate Commission
601-1595 Bedford Hwy.
Bedford  NS  B4A 3Y4

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fax: 902-468-1016

If submitting an application by email or fax, must mail your original licence application to the Commission. 

Current Licensing Fees

PART A - Real Estate Licence Fees
LicensingAudit Recovery Fund***AdminHST (15%)Total
Brokerage New Licence*      
  No Trust Activity or Trades $435.00 $400.00 and $10 per licensee $- $-            Varies Varies
  New Branch Office $385.00 $- $- $- $57.50


  Licence Renewal**      
  No Trust Activity No Trades $385.00 $150.00 $- $- $80.25 $615.25
  No Trust Activity and Trades $385.00 $250.00 and $10 per licensee $- $- Varies Varies
  Trust Activity and Trades $385.00 $400.00 and $10 per licensee $- $- Varies Varies
  Branch Office $385.00 $- $- $- $57.75


Broker New Licence* $435.00 $- $200.00 $-  $95.25 $730.75
  Licence Renewal** $385.00 $- $- $- 57.50 $454.50
Associate Broker
New Licence* $435.00 $- $200.00 $-  $95.25 $730.25
  Licence Renewal** $385.00 $- $- $- $57.50 $454.50
Associate Broker New Licence* $435.00 $- $100.00 $- $80.25  $615.25
  Licence Renewal** $385.00 $- $- $- $57.50  $454.50
Salesperson New Licence* $435.00 $- $100.00   $80.25  $615.25
  Licence Renewal** $385.00 $- $- $- $57.50  $454.50
Approved Sales New Licence* $435.00 $- $- $-  $65.25 $488.75
Corporation Licence Renewal** $385.00 $- $- $- $57.50  $454.50

*New Licence Fees – New licence fees are not prorated. 

**Licence Renewal – Renewal fees must be paid by June 30th of the current year. 

***Recovery Fund Fees - Recovery Fund fees are collected upon first-time licensing in any licensing class.

PART B - Other Fees*
Reinstatement of Licence at Another Brokerage (within 30 days of terminating) $200.00
Reinstatement of Licence at Another Brokerage (after 30 days of terminating) $      385.00
Examination Application Fee $100.00
Examination Remark $100.00
NSF Fee $50.00
Licence Reprint for Licensee Name Change or Brokerage Address Change $50.00
Licensing History $50.00
Penalty for Incomplete Audit Forms to Compliance Auditor $100.00
The Commission accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and cheques. Cheques can be made out to “Nova Scotia Real Estate Commission”. Faxed or mailed in applications must be accompanied by a Credit Card Authorization Form signed by the card holder.

*Other Fees – All fees listed above do not include HST.

The Nova Scotia Real Estate
is the regulator of the
Nova Scotia real estate industry.

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Nova Scotia Real Estate Commission

601-1595 Bedford Highway
Bedford, NS
B4A 3Y4

p: 1.902.468.3511 or

f:  1.902.468.1016 or

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