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Changing Licence Class

Your current licence to trade in real estate authorizes you to trade on behalf of the brokerage with which you work for and in the class that you are licensed (i.e. salesperson, broker, etc.). In order to move to another licence class, you must:

Step 1: Be eligible to hold a licence in the desired class

If you intend to move up a licence class (i.e. salesperson to associate broker, etc.) you must have a broker licence to do so. See Becoming a Broker for information on how to be eligible to hold a broker licence.

Step 2: Terminate your licence with your current brokerage

Licensees may terminate their licence by completing the Notice of Termination Form and providing it to the Commission. The form may be completed and signed by the licensee or their broker. There is no fee to terminate your licence.

Important information to consider when terminating your licence

Step 3: Apply for a new licence in your new licence class

Licensees may reinstate their licence in a new licence class by completing the correct application for a new licence and providing it to the Commission. All licensees must maintain Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance form REIA as a condition of Bylaw 365 in order to become licensed to trade in real estate.

Moving to another licence class may require addition documents being presented at the time of application, such as a criminal records check. For more information, review Becoming a Broker.


Licensing Forms and Fee Schedule

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