News Bulletin - October 28, 2016

New forms to be released on November 1, 2016
The Audit Task Force wants your feedback
Reminder for common law licensees: Have you taken your mandatory BBA course?

New forms to be released on November 1
The Commission is pleased to announce that the following updated forms will be released on on November 1st, 2016:

Form 112 – Seller/Customer Acknowledgement & Fee Agreement
Form 203 – Mere Posting Service Agreement
Form 222 – Amendment to Service Agreement
Form 223 – Assignment of Brokerage Agreement
Form 224 – Temporary Withdrawal or Termination of Service Agreement

Licensees must transition to the updated versions by January 1, 2017. After this date, all unused copies of older versions must be discarded.

New Policy for Coming Soon Advertising
The use of ‘Coming Soon’ advertisements by licensees for properties pending placement on the MLS system has noticeably increased over the past few months. The next time you take to Instagram or Facebook to highlight an anticipated future listing, take a moment to ensure what you are displaying meets the Commission’s Board of Director’s recently approved policy setting minimum standards for ‘Coming Soon’ advertising and promotions.

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The Audit Task Force wants your feedback
First announced in September, the Commission’s new Audit Task Force is reviewing the entire audit/inspection program and they want your thoughts on the current system. What works? What doesn't? Let them know.

Reminder for common law licensees: Have you taken your mandatory BBA course?
A reminder for all common law licensees that the Commission has been providing mandatory information sessions in communities across the province to common law licensees free of charge. These seminars focus directly on using the new Buyer Brokerage Agreement and are available to licensees up to December 2016.

Note that common law licensees who practice solely in commercial real estate (zero residential trades) will not be required to attend an information session.

For more information on these sessions, read our August bulletin.

Click here for scheduled course dates.

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