News Bulletin - November 4, 2021

NSREC Mandatory CPE Course for 2021-2022
Remembrance Day Reminder
Reminder: Updated Forms in January 2022

NSREC Mandatory CPE Course for 2021-2022

All licensees are required to complete the NSREC mandatory online course, Stay In Your Lane, before 11:59 p.m. on June 15, 2022.

This course explores contract and case law, clause writing and on-site septic systems from the perspective of what a licensee needs to know and strives to help keep real estate licensees operating within their own lane by encouraging them to refer their clients to other professionals when appropriate.

This course is available now via the NSAR Training Hub. NSAR will be contacting non-members directly with instructions on how to access the course.

Remembrance Day Reminder

The Commission's office will be closed on Thursday, November 11th, in observance of Remembrance Day.

A reminder to all licensees the Nova Scotia Remembrance Day Act prohibits trading in real estate on Remembrance Day.

To view the Remembrance Day Act in its entirety, click HERE.

Reminder: Updated Forms in January 2022

Effective January 3rd, 2022, significant changes are being made to the process of satisfying buyer's conditions in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. The new process will require a buyer to provide the seller or seller's agent with written confirmation that they have satisfied their buyer's conditions before the condition deadline.

The Commission has created a training video about the changes to buyer's conditions. All licensees are required to watch the video and must clearly understand the new process prior to January 2022.

For more information on the changes to buyer's conditions, visit the Commission's website.

There are additional minor revisions to other forms effective January 3rd, 2022. For more information on all forms changes, click HERE.

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