News Bulletin - July 23, 2019

Minor Changes to Forms
Request for Forms
New Article—"Amendments and Out Clauses to the Agreement of Purchase and Sale"
Online Licence Renewal Recap

Minor Changes to Forms
The Board of Directors recently approved minor changes to five forms as recommended by the Forms Committee. The forms affected are Forms 404, 430B, 440, 441 and 443.

The NSAR has been provided with the forms so they can be added to WEB Forms®.

Request for Forms
If you are a licensee using an electronic signature software program, other than WEB Forms®, and wish to receive the revised five forms, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to have the link sent to you.

New Article—"Amendments and Out Clauses to the Agreement of Purchase and Sale"
The Commission has published a new article about amendments and out clauses. Brokers are responsible to ensure their licensees understand this process.

Online Licence Renewal Recap
This was the first year for online licence renewals for all licensees. Renewals launched on May 10th with over 200 licensees renewing on the first day. Steady activity continued throughout the renewal period with only 43 licenses renewed after the June 15th deadline. Well done licensees!

Click the button below for information on how to access your licence certificate, paid invoices and approved sales corporation licence certificate using our online database.

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