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Updates to satisfying buyer's conditions changes, effective January 3rd, 2022. Read the September 7th, 2021 news bulletin for more information.

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Special Edition Newsletter

January 19, 2016

Special Edition Newsletter

Read our Special Edition Newsletters, released January 19th, 2016, which includes articles on important announcements and articles on topics such as:

  • Commission Office Relocation
  • Buyer Brokerage Agreements Mandated for Common Law
  • Approved Sales Corporations Licensing Fees Changing
  • HST Implementation
  • What is kept in a Transaction File?
  • Non Applicable Clauses on Agreements

and much more!

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Policy Revision: Adding a Second Buyer to an Agreement of Purchase and Sale

January 19, 2016

Policy Revision: Adding a Second Buyer to an Agreement of Purchase and Sale

We published an article in January 2016 clarifying the procedure to add new buyers to an accepted Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS). As noted in the article, the procedures were initially developed using a legal opinion provided to the Commission. We recently discovered that this subject was being covered in the 2015/16 mandatory course “20 Timely Topics for Salespeople” using slightly different variations of the policy by the respective course instructors. As a result, compliance staff met with the instructors to re-examine the policy to ensure consistency between the course instructors and the Commission.

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