Regulatory Decisions And Disclosures

The Nova Scotia Real Estate Commission has the authority, pursuant to the Real Estate Trading Act and the Commission Bylaw, to publish licensing and disciplinary decisions and disclosures. In addition to notices of licence suspensions and terminations, the Commission publishes a bi-annual Discipline Newsletter, which serves as an educational tool for licensees and is available to the public in accordance with the following:

  • Investigations that result in fines of $500 or less are summarized along with the sanction. Neither the licensee nor the brokerage are named in this summary.
  • Investigations that result in fines greater than $500 include the licensee’s name, the brokerage name, a summary of the circumstances that led to the investigation, the sanctions and any costs the licensee is ordered to pay.

When a licence is suspended, the Registrar may also notify the public by publishing the information in the provincial newspaper, in accordance with Commission Bylaw 839.

Disciplinary Decisions

Disciplinary Newsletters

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